Lamoriello On Several Subjects/Qualifying Offers

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/21/2019 03:58:00 AM |

Ok, so we know why the team has a new assistant coach, who was qualified. Interesting #51-47 were not part of his two free agents to re-sign with Lee/Lehner. Prospect site updated with qualifying offers, Ho-Sang/Dal Colle, require waivers now. We'll see what Friday brings.

Happy for Lehner, but feel they need #1 goalie, too many soft goals, and a few odd moments speaking between knocking Buffalo, making playoff guarantee's, injury problems. He's been a known player for a long time, he does let up many soft goals, we got one great year out of both goalies, in one system where everyone bought in, but it's time to upgrade that spot.

They need Lee, losing him is far worse than Tavares, his skating/defense are not a question, his loss will be a massive hit, no one coming in UFA to replace his character/abilities/leadership, he's the guy you make a career NYI.