7/1 Decision Day For Lee/Free Agents

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/01/2019 05:32:00 AM | |
I wrote an entry on #14 re-signing but it sits on side-lines until team announces it.

My thoughts are Lee is a leading player who wins championships, he was a huge part of last seasons success, and played defense, and still produced 28 goals. In the past long before decisions were needed it was easy to see the decline in departing players Nielsen, Okposo, Moulson, Parenteau, (especially Tavares/skating/defense) & felt it a mistake to retain them.

Lee is the first player who I feel the opposite about, his loss would be huge in every area. Trotz knows winning/character, and that's what Lee is, no-one replaces that.

Think world of Lehner off ice/not #1 goalie, too many soft goals, injuries. Don't want Bobrovsky, never give over thirty goalie big term, too many miles/struggles.

Not my decision, few more hours we'll know, expect Panarin to go elsewhere, three teams in five NHL seasons, a lot of money for only 28 goals for a player who helped Columbus barely finish 8th. Playing in Nassau not good for anyone's post-career.

Unlike last summer, had no doubt without Tavares team would contend. Can Beauvillier, Dal Colle, Bellows or Ladd return healthy, and change that? Doubtful.

Is 2/3 good enough with Nelson-Eberle, it's a great accomplishment few teams pulled off, but Lee was the key player, the one you make a career NYI, if his skating was declining, it would quickly change things for me. Saw no decline, he's going to get 25-40 for a good three years, he'll be a leader, the kind you need to win a cup. I'll root for him wherever he goes, owes us nothing, never made false promises. Would be thrilled just to re-sign him. Have a ton of confidence Koivula can come out, and fill a third center spot, man is a house with hands on skates.

A few more hours, we'll know when we know, and the prime faces in Bridgeport will likely change as in Bernier/Gionta.