Dolan Shell Game Finally Exposed At Belmont/LA....

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/18/2019 06:18:00 AM |

Priceless stuff, total hypocrites, with Belmont/Azoff 110 plus acts, up to his neck.

Tons on how Dolan/Azoff influence elections (Cuomo) with tons of campaign dollars, block arena's they don't want, but put Belmont between both arena's run by Barclay's?

Then they claim in LA (via their PR, as Newsday employees hide) that community has not had a fair say to block a competing arena, while they want Belmont approved 24/7 with no details, regardless of how many are against it?

All this because Dolan banned Daily News, so they brought up LA, which I have done for well over a year.

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