Next/Final Steps in Dolan-Cuomo-Msg Belmont Arena Scam..

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/24/2019 06:34:00 AM |

Please stop buying Newsday's spin, it's not NYI arena at Belmont. They are a 41-day tenant, who's name is being used to sell/spam this. It's Dolan's revenge arena with his cronies (Azoff/Oakview-Leiweke) because Dolan lost in Nassau to Ratner/Prokhorov, which included the entire 77 acre HUB development, that was in Dolan's bid, so this is payback. Same as Dolan owns/operates/renovated the LA Forum, but Clippers want an arena next to Forum, so Dolan/Azoff want to stop it, and in LA care they about the community against the project, unlike Elmont/Floral Park where Newsday/News12 & NYI fans cyberbully the people who have to live next to this.

Our team is the 41-day act at Belmont like LI Nets at Nassau until no one goes (by second game) and Dolan in a few years after it opens, brings in the Wolfpack. Scott Malkin pays something for a mall no one will go to far away from so-called railroad station. Wilpon-Sterling at 111 Great Neck Rd (seven miles from Belmont) have big cash to pay, but I digress.

So what's next?

LIBN (only credible small outlet reporting like credible newspapers do with no stake in this) did report Empire State Development (ESD) 10 day comment period extended, rewriting needed what was approved, but they did point out the final two steps, once the charade is over, and it's rubber stamped again by ESD/with Cuomo's P.R guy, Jack Sterne, providing the, Al Trautwig, positive spin we move forward.

So those are the final two steps, after wordage corrections are made, public comments are ignored, for something ESD already approved once. An oversight board in Cuomo's pocket, specifically created for NYRA which bleeds red ink. Then Public Authorities Control Board, more Cuomo cronies, where like in 2005 the three voters needed to unanimously approve, they don't have someone like Sheldon Silver, D'Amato in Barclay's pocket or a Joe Mondello/Kate Murray puppet to stop it, this one is for Dolan so expect quick/fast approval, same as cash flows from Albany to Msg, with the Joe Percoco's who went from Cuomo's office, to Chase Garden to work for Dolan when 3.2 billion Penn Station scheme was approved, before Percoco's scandals surfaced, and went to jail.

But again when we get past all spin/non-sense, and people celebrate, the beginning of the end of the New York Islanders, contractors need cash up front for construction equipment, to hire people to work. You can't put off paying workers for 30-60 years, money has to be spent as Oakview found out fast in Seattle, as the cost went up 330 million/counting. Wilpon/Sterling/Dolan/Leiweke-Oakview/Azoff/Malkin-Ledecky have to spend money, unless taxpayers are funding that too right now.

That's what is next/last. You don't get a ground-breaking without all those things, and MTA/LIRR funding their construction so everyone can take that 1/2 mile-mile hike, and 20-30 mil for road upgrades/shuttles are funded.

And there is this for people who want a 100 foot high arena at the bottom of a flood prone area.

Page 543, had a response that Andrew Cuomo wants Belmont to Ranger fan, that's it for 598 pages.