NYIFC Update

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/25/2019 02:32:00 PM |

Never liked writing these entries, but want to keep everyone informed to changes on all three websites.

The scroll up feature has been on all three sites for months, it's an extension most can install themselves depending on their browser as an add on.

All written entries, current, featured, all are bellow with archives back to 2007.

The full header will return on 10/1 with player images.

My intention is to keep the site going another year. There will be long stretches without updates. It's boring to turn every win/loss streak into more than what they are. Previous years entries are a good example of the eighty two game target numbers needed.

All the classic images/audio are on the historical site. For those who have not visited that page or the prospect site, both in my view are the best anywhere. Quick footnote-found an image of scout, Harry Boyd. Maurice Sabageno would likely complete the listed staff beyond Mr Torrey's secret scout in Sweden.

I updated the legendary power-skating coach, Barbara Williams, image. Always had color version as the first female skating coach in the NHL, but used the origional black/white one. My view her hall of fame abilities should not be advertised as gender based. Finally removed that caption, and went with the color version.
Don't care who visits, will just write the truth to best of my ability, same as since 2007 & earlier.

Will continue to pick my spots between hockey/arena updates.

The twitter page will continue (sometimes locked), along with no pulling punches, folks who can write like adults, with civility/respect/agree/disagree, are always welcome.

Thank you.