New York Notables...

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/19/2019 12:30:00 AM |

Very little to write, camp continues. On the ice, beating backup goalies with soft goals, on dangerous Nassau ice, not good when other team outplays you, and Carter Hart has an easy night with only four regulars dressed vs many more by Trotz. Barzal almost fell legs first on that painted slush, with other players.
Off the ice is terrible, the home alone crowd should really give Malkin-Ledecky pause about Belmont, and a call to Joe Tsai to work a new deal at Barclay's. Between the ice/nightmare attendance, NHL should step in, so our owners stop losing money for their 77 million payroll.

Dolan's getting Belmont regardless whether NYI play there at this point with his crony companies. 2013 has to be reversed for them which is the only reason this plan exist with Newsday working 24/7 to trample anyone in their way.