More Relocated Games? Third Arena?

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/27/2019 02:11:00 PM |

Maybe Wilpon told Bettman if MLB, can move Tampa games to Montreal, Nassau games can be moved to Quebec. That's three screen caps, on 7/16-10/6-now showing drop in games at both buildings. If it's true (and we have seen games moved on two weeks notice) Scott Malkin may have had enough of losing money in front of thousands of empty Nassau seats he can't give away with his 76 million dollar payroll, and NHL decided to let them move games to a third arena.
Jon Ledecky said 9/25/19 on video moving games to Nassau doubled season tickets, they just offered ssn ticket holders a free ticket to Arizona or Flyers game, and are announcing crowds around 9-10,000 fans that are clearly lower, with countless secondary market tickets available on game-day under ten dollars. Make of that what you will, same as Snow-Weight sat next to Ledecky, and went to World Championships, while NHL/Malkin were contacting Leafs about Lamoriello. Games have already been moved on two weeks notice.