Six Straight Mediocre Wins/Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/26/2019 10:06:00 AM |

All wins are important, but there is winning that's built for the long run vs how they got to eight over in November-Dec 2017-18, while the roof was clearly caving in around them winning every game 6-5, and people did not care as long as they won. Like Buffalo last season, how you play goes beyond finding ways to win early.
Is that the case now? No, however, Barry Trotz, understands, and is mostly not satisfied with his team playing in spurts or outplayed as both goalies give them a chance to win.

Off the ice on 9/25 Ledecky said moving games to Nassau doubled the season ticket base, they gave away free tickets to ssn ticket holders, and the Coliseum was still half filled at best (and has been every game) also with tickets under ten dollars available, as usual that LI crew has been a joke in terms of fan support.
Travis Williams is going back to Pittsburgh for a baseball role with Pirates, and received more coverage than Barzal since he was drafted by Newsday, who largely checked out on NYI with Dolan's arena under construction, and the cost-cutting continuing by Pat Dolan via Debbie Kranek.
So our owners need someone else to run the business ops. Lamoriello does it in his late seventies, who's not been seen much, or they promote from within. Bottom line they go to Dolan's arena, and draw like this, the franchise will be re-located, and our owners are going to lose between 20-50 million this season. They need to go back to NYC, and stay at Barclay's to grow their fan base that is stronger there. Belmont is for Dolan, and his cronies like Oakview-Leiweke-Azoff, and Wilpon has a huge stake in this, he was not sitting there for his health. As Richard Browne said NYI are a 41 day tenant.
As for Ho-Sang, he can sit in Toronto until he's eligible for UFA in 2-3 years, unless the return is equal to his draft potential. He signed a contract, he can't even go to Europe.