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New York Islander Fan Central | 12/19/2019 11:14:00 PM |
One or two recent entries went missing, nothing earth shattering.
Status quo, keep pushing toward 15-20 over, that's how you make the playoffs in this division.
Bend but not break has been working, they allowed eight goals on twenty shots in a game they led 3-1 against a tired, struggling team. Then they won a skills contest against Boston which is encouraging, but you could argue, they played defense better against Nashville given Boston got 29 shots.

Bottom line it has not been last years dominating team, where the opposition praises their hard work. Moving forward maybe some players break out, and that changes. The hope is your team gets stronger later, not weaker. Schedule last two months will be worse than anyone as usual.
As for arena circumstances, Barclay's is outdrawing Nassau as usual with a winning team. It's clear nothing will make LI crew show up like other teams, the revenue won't be there. The articles/spin from LI crew will be filled with the usual misconceptions.
Dolan has his arena, his media will fight anything against it, but really does not have to do anything like 2011, 2013, 2017, when they created a circus to get their way. Ultimately the when fans don't show there will be no more hiding. NHL can't work in a failed suburb, with an ownership that's done all it can to eliminate excuses for younger generation not going to games.

For now the drumbeat continues, everyone knows the numbers. Caps, Canes, Bruins, Pens not going anywhere, teams will get hot on outside, and go up/down. NY will have to get their points, west will be dominated by east besides NYI who have lost major points to the weakest west teams.

Historical site was updated to reflect Tonelli/Goring, some past retirements, banners for the entire core of the four. Prospect site updated with all recent changes to players in juniors.

Nothing to be written about Ho-Sang that Lamoriello did not make clear.