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New York Islander Fan Central | 7/01/2020 09:03:00 PM |

Long story short, we'll know when we know, and you can apply that to every topic & subtopic. Folks know I want the season ended now for business as usual later, the NHL wants to cram their cashgrab down everyone's throats & throw away likely two seasons.
As for Dolan's Belmont arena, this ownership is all in to be out as fast as tenant hockey team (that has zero Belmont ownership) can be relocated with a low-cost buyout from Cuomo or frankly just his ESD permission to move out of New York for free so Leiweke/Azoff can book 41 more dates not counting Dolan's AHL team.
Malkin likely still wants his Value Retail but maybe not anymore? The plan even before the pandemic was comical to think an isolated location like Belmont can be the next Rodeo Drive, and if that fictional LIRR station ever happens it's a good mile walk with no space to move the far turn at Belmont or the Cross Island Parkway to walk down that tiny Red Road.

To survive they need to go back to Barclay's, and be a NYC based franchise entirely. I could care less if people sit on the floor, over time the fan base would triple with revenue, and like Coliseum no one is going to Belmont by the second game.

After Ledecky claimed (Despite 1986 territorial rights amendment giving NYI, Kings/Queens County) Dolan had to approve Barclay's & Belmont? Comical or Dolan's money now is running everything this ownership does even down to hockey operations.

Given Scott Malkin's net worth was 1.2-4 billion, & Jon Ledecky's was 200 million BEFORE they spent 480 million on eighty percent of this franchise, plus spent millions renovating management past/present, and the pathetic Nassau attendance, clearly they save more money not operating at all.