Setting up 2020-21 For New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/28/2020 07:14:00 PM |

Again 2019-20 ended in March, nothing to see in Toronto for me, win or lose, we move on to 2020-21, and could have in September if we had the right/smart people running NHL/NHLPA.

Nick Pastujov is a college senior, we have no idea if old 8/15/20 final deadline to be signed still is the rule, but Lamoriello did sign him CHL/College prospects on time, so it's possible this prospect will not be signed.

Expect Sorokin to be at Northwell by early September, some UFA/RFA decisions need to be made.

As for Dolan/Cuomo/Leiweke/Azoff/Wilpon/Sterling/UBS deal, the company seems to think the arena is in Manhattan despite major stock interest in Msg/Msg Network. Ledecky is playing Mascot in the same no-money role as Howard Milstein. Primary owner, Scott Malkin, does not speak but does have his retail spot to pay for. You can't argue with attendance history/location, it does not work at that location. NYI are a tenant per Wilpon/Sterling, Richard Browne. When place is empty that buyout option will be used very quickly or they find one more ownership here before they relocate. Only viable option is Barclay's/NYC, like all the other teams need or have already, no one plays in a desolate arena much less one that done nothing but fail at the gate, even after it was given a second chance, and failed miserably.

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