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New York Islander Fan Central | 9/02/2020 07:27:00 PM |

Not a lot to write at this time, decided a while back do not want NYI to lose at anything, even something as marginal as Covid-Cup. Good people here, and this franchise desperately need every fan they can get moving forward. Disappointing real 2020-21 season will not start on time, and some prospects will be playing in Europe, but it's unlikely there will be fans in any arena moving forward for most/all of whatever 2020-21 becomes.

Will never treat Covid-Cup as legitimate playoffs, this is September quality hockey, not six month struggle teams face when they arrive in April exhausted/beaten up.

Don't believe Ledecky on any of teams ticket or luxury box sales (how many boxes does it have?) reports at Dolan's Belmont arena. We saw this act in 2018 with Coliseum ticket sales (entire lower bowl sold/out-few seats left upstairs) when games began place was empty by second game.

It is interesting Dolan-Cuomo are selling LI Label, while Ledecky, Leiweke, Azoff & UBS are selling this as Manhattan which is what team needs. Despite the spin this place is here for music, not NHL.

All salseman for NHL will sell it as legitimate playoffs, so will teams, and winning whatever this is would be good for this franchise so people can take that out of this.