Game One: Goes to the City !!!!!!!

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/16/2021 08:30:00 PM |

They need to be better, 18 shots allowed in first, Sorokin down 2-1 went post to post and saved them going down 3-1. I fully expect him to get more dominating if he takes #1 full time, but Pens overall speed (even without Malkin) is so much improved up and down their roster from 2019. They did enough for today but blowing lead in final three minutes is not the way. Not surprised Palmieri scored, he was brought here for this. Komarov was banging everyone and almost set up a goal. Enough for game one, but will need more, Pens are beatable, and this is not the 1980's, they need to come back here up 2-0, with Pens soul-searching. Before this is over we will likely see Malkin, and I do expect the refs to hand Pens more powerplays.

Game One--To the city, enough of the mickey mouse LI stuff, even Dolan's flunkies are selling their arena as NYC with their corporate partners on every release.