So how does this play out for New York?

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/10/2021 07:08:00 PM |

I'm the person who called for a full house-cleaning by the end of January because they could not score, so let's not forget that. Having written that they got a re-set which saved them when Buffalo got sick, and valuted them all the way to first place, but we kept seeing the same signs of not being able to score surface, and simply not win on the road in empty buildings vs top teams before Lee got hurt.

I'm still very concerned with scoring, the level of play, but here we are, third or fourth, they have largely been out played with one regulation win in a full month. (before Saturday vs Devils)
My honest view is a second re-set after Monday will tell us the story, but it won't be near what worked last summer in a bubble format, even if they sit as long as Vancouver-Calgary mop up their schedules on 5/19.

They have defense/goaltending to win a cup, not the powerplay/offense, but they play games, then we find out, strange things happen all ways. NHL already wants to rush playoff start by Saturday despite Vancouver-Calgary playing through 5/19.

One final thing, New York must beat Boston in regulation Monday, Bruins control this tie-breaker, so if the game is tied in final minute or two, New York has to pull the goalie in a tied game. Overtime/shootout of any kind sends New York to Pittsburgh as 4th seed.