New York in trouble again

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/04/2021 10:08:00 AM |

Scoring not there, continue to give up forty shot games which is not who they are. Varlamov holds them in with strong play, but his soft goal again is a killer. Let's be clear Varlamov gave up soft goals in bubble, and often before 3/9/2020, it's a career trend he largely shook for many of the 56 games, and kept writing he was playing above his career norms, but Boston easily could have had three/more goals against any goalie with how they kept pressuring, and how Varlamov almost stole the game. New York struggled with their size, speed, and dominated the puck, and both teams got an extra day of rest.

Either they flip the script against a much better goalie or Boston will break through.

I don't think they have another comeback in them, unless things dramtically change, they have to go back to Boston, and win again, maybe twice. Does Rask fall apart, and have bad stretches? Yes, he does.