New York Keeps Proving Themselves Wrong......

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/10/2021 11:25:00 AM |

Of course I'm thrilled, if they get outshot 50-1, and win 1-0, it's a win.

Never run or hide from past entries. Called for a housecleaning at end of January when they had one of their many scoring slumps, Buffalo got pandemic, NY got a second training camp/restart. 0-17 in regulation againat Caps, Pens, Bruins on road during 56 games, scoring slumps continued, they beat one team for a full month in regulation from April through May, even losing to Buffalo. Playoffs began and 40 shot/75-80+ plus attempts by other team continued but they clawed to wins, would get a win via bounces around game four, be dominated in game five but steal a win, as opposition started getting, frustraded & banged up/tired before NY just burries them as they are due for their best game.