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New York Islander Fan Central | 7/21/2021 11:41:00 AM |

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Not a lot to write about expansion draft beyond they will lost someone unless a creative deal happens, but hopefully Lamoriello is where I was since late January when I wrote it was time to back up the truck. Top teams/favorites to win a cup every year, or in the top mix don't struggle to score like this one, they don't go 0-12 in regulation on road vs Caps, Bruins, Pens in 56 games (many of those games the other team had their top players out), and lose games to Devils-Buffalo which saw a team go from 1st to 4th, and almost all the way to 5th. Top teams don't get outshot 45-19 in playoff games, with over eighty shot attempts against, even if they won, it's not something to fluff build on. This team has to get a lot better offensively, they have to be able to keep up with the speed/skill/travel they crumbled against in March 2020, and the last month of the 56 games. No, Lamoriello should not be happy where he is. Next season will be the real thing with a arena that looks well behind schedule, they have to go play all the teams/travel, and they will have a ton more injuries beyond Lee. Tampa won two tournaments, they finished four points ahead of New York for home ice, they are not/were not 77 Habs.