NYIFC Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/27/2021 12:35:00 PM |

Some twitter issues on primary account (resolved) from creating a secondary twitter account (@NYIFANCENTRALPROSPECTS) only for faster loading of the prospect profiles on the prospect site, that will not be an active account, just a set of tweets with prospect profiles.

Not expecting a big day on Wednesday because there are few prime players unrestricted, trades are a chess game, that don't need to be resolved on the first day of free agency.

Getting struggling players, who's production was worse then Brian Rolston at 37 (Parise who's turning 37) seems far worse then keeping Eberle, Leddy because they are going to make the same money or more, and be much older.

Think there is an outside shot Dal Colle comes back on an AHL only deal which is why he would not be qualified, but likely wants to test the waters. I'm good with moving on from Cizikas, but expect he will be signed.

You can't spin NYI were a goal from playing for the cup in this summer's playoffs, but the notion they had a top record over 56 games as a 4th place team that beat only one team for a month (same as March 2020) cannot be spun into this was a dominating team as they won zero of 12 regulation games at Caps, Pens, Bruins. Nor can we act like winning playoff games being outshot 45-19, is the right way forward, and it happened a lot before the opposition wore down.