Lamoriello Comments: More on my projection

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/13/2021 11:05:00 AM |

Skarek will be going to Bridgeport w/Hickey, Bellows stays with Schneider.

Will fill in Lamoriello's comments later (done), he feels he has his deepest team, I disagree, but he's president/gm, and I'm thrilled he's here with Barry Trotz. His job is to win the Stanley Cup, that's why he's here doing this.

Did not come to my projection easily, but the issues/weaknesses at the end of the 68 games in 2019-20, & 2021 are not something to be fluffed away or cured by adding a 37 year old forward who was bought out or a 44 year old defender to go with Andy Greene, combined with losing Leddy's skating/Eberle's scoring streaks. You can't gut out 82 games with defense/hard work, against many fast/skilled teams, and do all this traveling, they struggled doing it 56 games on less travel.

I want to be completely wrong, but don't think I am, unlike many past years where felt anything could happen, hope they prove me wrong.

And for those scoring at home, this site has reverted back to it's normal colors, with prospect site in third jersey colors, and historial site in classic colors.

These are the colors of the New York Islanders on the Belmont scoreboard, not the uniforms.