Not a formula for staying in contention

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/25/2021 04:20:00 PM |

Don't like being negative, but it is what it is. A top team with speed/skill is too much for this team.

As during the 56 games, I'm not impressed. They are older, slower, less skilled without Leddy/Eberle, Palmieri does not look like a first line player, and frankly Chara looks painfully old/slow, and a conversation needs to happen soon if he wants the record for most games played before he retires, or he has to up his game. Greene looks his age. Parise looks 37, and puck has to come to him, he's been a non-factor.

Sorokin putting this team on his back is not the way, that's great in/of itself, but not how you win a championship or even stay in contention for a playoff spot. What Carolina/Florida did was not fluke, and this league is filled with younger/faster/skilled teams who's young stars will not be denied.

The powerplay looks even more lost without Leddy.

Ok, they get a break/restart, they were lucky to escape Arizona, Vegas with two points, this is not the way you win.

Me? Wahlstrom is a player, Golyshev looks like a player, and so does Robin Salo. Dal Colle did not look out of place in 56 games, and worked hard in all three zones. For 750k Parise/Chara can go on waivers or retire, those players mostly make the same.

The 82 game strategy can't be give up 40 shots, watch other teams fly around older players. This is why you keep Devon Toews over Pageau who's no big scorer, and why you have to be right if moving Leddy/Eberle for even older players.

Old players don't get younger/faster, we saw this in the 56 games against top teams on road, no regulation wins.