NY Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/04/2021 10:56:00 AM |

Not a lot to write at this time, camp is moving along, the real work begins with practices days after preseason ends, expect virtually no surprises on roster with maybe the exception of Robin Salo, unless Varlamov can't go.

I'm going to take a Dolan break, untimately our owners past/present made decisions to be on his television network, move to an arena built for Dolan/cronies, but Scott Malkin/Jon Ledecky were not helpless here, and if they don't like owning team eventually, they will sell to new people. Belmont has some major obstacles ahead (beyond schedule/extremely late opening) but our owners signed up for this, no one forced them.

I think the new domain system renew worked so this website should be here for another year.