Calgary 5, New York 2: Comments

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/20/2021 09:55:00 PM |

NYIFC Comments:
Veterans killed them, with 4th line getting dominated, also when Chara broke down, Parise could not score to save his career. Palmieri more of the same. Salo looked great, Aho, Hutton skated well. Panik skated well but he's not scorer. They played their best game in a long time, Markstrom was excellent, Flames were fading in third, but around ten minute mark clamped down defense.

As for UBS Arena:
Felt like sound muted with seats going out/not up, lot's of empty seats with corporate fans going to clubs, not seats. Building looked nice enough, too much sales pitch for all that tile/woodwork. Read bathroom line complaints, whatever construction left was hidden so workers really did a great job.

Great to see Jiggs but ceremony was flat out terrible. The players/coach were not even introduced which is unheard of on opening nights, the tribute to Wang was nice enough. Ok, they missed puck handoff, with Tonelli-Nystrom, but how do you not introduce the players individually? Awful look.

As for the rest this franchise needs to be shut down with Covid decimating team or this season is over.