NYIFC Notables: Header/Belmont

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/05/2021 04:22:00 PM |

Yes, the site header has been a bit different, as a rule one year players like Parise/Chara would not be there vs a prospect, also Palmieri or Clutterbuck have not been there vs a prospect, while Cizikas (homegrown) & Eberle (more high profile) has been, and Aho, Dal Colle are on the main header here. (have mostly been NHL players or NHL taxi-squad for over a year)
Long/short it's a work in progress, but for now more high profile prospects have been added to prospect site. Golyshev, Skarek, Salo, Holmstrom, Raty, Wilde, Koivula, Bolduc. I cannot add to the dynasty core of the four side here with Arbour/Torrey.

As for Belmont the joke will likely be on the fans soon between broken pipes (which are not supposed to have brown water coming out of them) flooding stairwells/lack of handicapped parking according to one disabled family which they can't get answers about. The map for site not listing parking prices (found $65-60 for some prime spots) & map does say garage will open March 2022 with expanded parking into Malkin's Value Retail, with no sign or site designated for the Wilpon's hotel.

I know nothing about construction. Having written that there is lots of work yet to be done as poles sit outside with no lights on top of them. Then cleanup, removing construction equipment, stocking an arena with food, drink, merchandise, furniture for the suites, televisions. They clearly pulled plug on installing several outdoor lanterns on model. And then they have to take all those people they hired at job fairs at the racetrack in September/October how to work in a brand new building where no one is going to know where anything is because no one has ever worked there before.

Cue Belmont stans/bloggers: She's great, wonderful, incredible. It will be fun when this place opens at these prices, and people discover how far out seats are in the lower bowl vs intimate on top of players Coliseum, or parking prices, food prices, no outdoor tailgaiting.

And it will be more fun watching all the finger pointing with Cuomo, Curran gone, the Wilpon's responcible for construction who's people (blameless) built Barclay's, Madoff Field, renovated Coliseum, while Dolan's landlord Leiweke has to finally take a tough question which Newsday & pro Belmont bloggers w/team connections won't touch because they would lose access.

Many of them were the same people who did everything they could to prosecute Barclay's and the Coliseum renovation on a daily basis.