Salo Recalled/Belmont gets a practice

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/18/2021 04:09:00 PM |

Not much to add from recent post. Where they play does not make old, slow, not scoring, younger/faster. Salo is having a ton asked of him, same as Aho, Dobson.

Ledecky and Leiweke panicking about Belmont not being ready only proved fans with good eyes knew it was not complete, it will open because as Leiweke says it has to, but expect more then missing lanterns.

I'm not a fan of Belmont, it's in a terrible location, Wilpon's looked like they raided the NY Subway system with tons of tile everywhere, and 1986 Mets dugout woodwork. We did not need a throw back to Nassau Coliseum with seats very far away from ice, while every team built state of the art, this seems new cookie cutter. Early, but that's my unpopular first impression, and no way does this fan base pay these prices very long which they have to or that out clause will be used.