Smg coming to Belmont/Opening Day Comments:

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/20/2021 11:49:00 AM |

So we have Dolan with Leiweke/Azoff, who brought in tons of Msg officials to run Belmont, Delaware North which is the Jacobs family which owns the Boston Bruins, the Wilpon's who constructed/paid for Belmont Arena, and due a hotel, and now Spectra aka Smg which ran the Coliseum into the ground.

NYIFC Comment:
Obviously everyone knows I'm not a fan of Belmont, the same people who knocked the plan in 2016 because of the commute/prices, who would not go back to the renovated Coliseum or fill only 13.9k seats in first place with a max payroll, scream long-term Belmont won't work for the tenant NYI with a cheap out clause which can be used at any time.

The images reflect an arena mostly built with tile or old woodwork virtually everywhere, the tributes on many walls are to screaming fans, not players/great moments with only orange tagged record holders. As nice as it is to install the hall of fame plaques, it looks like a display inside a subway station with tile all around it, nothing like the Hall Of Fame museum Wilpon built for his Mets for 900 million less then the cost of Belmont.

I'm a location person who's seen Nassau fail since 1989 because the suburbs don't work for the NHL, all the teams moved to cities to generate the fan support/corporate revenue needed to survive. Belmont is here because Dolan lost the Coliseum in 2013 to Ratner so this is payback because he owned Cuomo, who has given Msg billions in tax exemptions, Penn Station renovations. Our hockey team is a 41 day tenant, nothing more.

On the ice the team is a week away from being ten points out of the 8th seed, with too many illnesses/injuries or flat out struggling players to count.