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New York Islander Fan Central | 1/24/2022 10:22:00 AM |

Gillies tributes are being posted on the historical site. For the rest of this season #9 will replace #22 who is still there but moved over as the cup banners go into storage. We hope for the best while Mike Bossy's undergoes cancer treatments. Gillies tribute to Bossy for hockey fights cancer this year is very sad, as Gillies died after a short fight with cancer. Gillies was very active around the team at every event, as late as opening night.

The true downside of continuing this site was knowing people pass away. It was rough with Al Arbour even being in poor health knowing the time was coming. Bill Torrey's sudden passing, the loss of J.P Parise, John Pickard, Randy Boyd last week, Charles Wang, all past alumni.