New York Season Over: Exit Interviews On Teams Website....

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/30/2022 11:50:00 AM |

That's it for 55-60 game preseason where frankly this team richly finished where they deserved to if not far worse without Sorokin who is one of the best goaltenders in the NHL. This team is 15 games under .500 without him & likely more.

It was as bad as projected last summer, and during the 56 games where they held off what was coming with Leddy, Eberle and only 56 games, where they went 0-12-1 vs three higher seeds which was a perfect barometer to what happened against playoff teams this year. Belmont was a joke with countless flaws, issues well hidden by Dolan's media, which will only get worse, and the shocking loss of Gillies, Bossy, and Jean Potvin to go with Randy Boyd made this an inagural nightmare on every level.