New York Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/07/2022 07:42:00 AM |

Ok, so we have a lottery on 5/10. A Bridgeport second round series, very few college/CHL prospects if any who face a signing deadline, we don't know if NHL pushed the goal post back on this with seasons starting late. I would expect few signings.

Our fans in the business of selling themselves, must sell Belmont as positive. It was very odd the NYPD-NYFD somehow sold more seats then practically all the NYI season games, and seats were filled. We are not getting any details on this business with Dolan's guys running it vs the prosecution we got when it was Barclay, or NYCB Live, and Dolan's guy were outside. Lamoriello checked out without a press conference, we may not read anything from the team until October, as we saw during the two months where they were the only franchise not to announce anything they did not have to.