New York Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/31/2022 09:43:00 PM |

I wanted to let the folks who come here, that unless the New York Islanders officially disclose a transaction, it's not going to be posted here or on our social media. Simply put unless things are done like 31 teams do business, we are all going to wait. Lou Lamoriello until 2020-21 did not operate in this manner during his management career. He can explain to his boss, Scott Malkin, why fans won't purchase any tickets to games in a location that 31 other teams would not go to if given the chance. I don't need to see the minority owner in Manhattan giving away lottery tickets, only the President/general manager do to his job like his counterparts. No more/no less.

Frankly if Mr Lamoriello wants to hide his contract signings this much, his own players in Clutterbuck/Parise did not need their new contracts announced at the trade deadline if his own players were on-board with this strategy.