Lamoriello Press Conference Summary:

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/22/2022 01:48:00 PM |

Will just hit the highlights, if full conference posted will put it here, team put part of it on twitter

Camp opens 9/21/22

Dobson got four million per, Lamoriello wanted to wait before going longer

Not discussing Barzal negotiations

Trade/UFA market too expensive, would weaken teams strengths

Says Chara/Greene not options at this time, no contact, will likely take 6th defender from current group

Feels teams goal differential will be improved under Lambert. Lou's a goal-differential guy.

Want to prove people wrong, he's the boss

Believes in the team, how it was built, won't apologize for it

Raty ticketed for AHL, but up to him if he can break through

Best transactions are ones you sometimes do not make
Not disappointed or would have made drastic changes

Brian Wiseman, thought it would work out, different sets of circumstances, delighted he's in SJ, quality hockey person