Lane Lambert's First Win

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/15/2022 11:31:00 PM |

Odd win with all the defenseman scoring, and many veterans clearing struggling. They have to make the move with Parise/Palmieri who checked Barzal who looked alone on his line. Bad opponent having a bad night, but changing out Romanov, Salo for Chara/Greene makes them so much better on the point. Time to have the talk with Parise, move Palmieri, put Bellows/Wahlstrom in and leave them in. What's coming after San Jose/Devils (and they need two wins badly there) is not going to happen unless forwards who don't produce start scoring. They have the goalie in Sorokin. People throwing shade at Barry Trotz is comical, this forward group even tonight was struggling. Wahlstrom got a nice pass from Pageau, Pulock found Beauviller for the right kind of chance that made Gibson move.