New York Winning/Not the way it was drawn up

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/09/2022 01:46:00 PM |

Always happy with wins any way the New York Islanders can get them.

That said Lamoriello told everyone this team was not built to score a lot of goals/win high scoring games, and many of the key players (points or no points) have not produced goals, as expected.

We also have to be a little honest, and give team credit for comebacks against Colorado, Calgary, Rangers plus 7 wins/8 games, but the question has to be is being massively outshot 34-13 against badly struggling Calgary the way this works against a very different east, where teams on the outside for a generation or longer like Buffalo, Devils, Wings, even young Flyers are ready for an 82 game push at a spot?

It's not conventional for the best of teams to come back down 3-0/3-1 much less one with a lot of forwards who don't score.

Sorokin doing what best goalie in NHL is supposed to do, give NYI a chance. The mobile defense with some toughness in Romanov is much faster, and has some shots back there that can find the net, especially if Pulock does what he must do. Aho for now has sixth spot, mistakes included.

Now that you read this and shake your head go look at the ultimate prove us wrong team in Arizona coming in with wins at Buffalo, Washington, and their home win against Florida.

We know the playoff formula when it's a scramble for a playoff spot vs one where eight teams are miles better like 2020-21 which was the exception, not the rule.

Get 96-98 points, keep pushing for ten games over, don't lose much in regulation. That fat 5 in NYI loss column stands out. The west could be bad enough to make 8th seed number higher here, but it's last season where a terrible NYI team wiped out Detroit's 11 point lead, and beat them out by nine points.

For now play games, Lou should be selling high on Palmieri, low on Pageau, Bailey, Cizikas, Martin, Johnston. They need a scoring winger because Lee/Nelson will go AWOL.

Devils need a goalie with Blackwood out long-term but for me Dawson Mercer has to be in a Varlamov package, and Palmieri can go back home with his salary.

For now we look at five game increments, and then look again, see if they can stay in contention.

As expected New York City was Islander country in the Knicks house, and Belmont has Spano doing Leiweke's attendance figures.

We don't need Newsday's, Andrew Gross, selling NYRA projects that is Albany's job or Brendan Burke playing his wins for the Island games. We are New York's team, for all the fans, it's been this way since 1972.