As Owners We Have Failed....Can we see some Billy Smith hatred of losing?

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/11/2023 02:13:00 AM |

When was the last time Ledecky mentioned that 5th ring? These days he's selling concerts & laughingstock Fisherman jersey as Leiweke's tenant.

Agree with Ledecky any owner who questions his gm is a fool, especially one with Lamoriello's resume but let's get real. These owners are spending to the cap, and the team is not winning. Rumor/gossip/otherwise they told Snow he can't trade Tavares, and after Ledecky said as owners they had failed supposedly were all set to let Snow/Weight attend the World Championships before the fans spoke so loud, Malkin hired Lamoriello. Paying Trotz not to work is on Lamoriello this season, like Belmont we get a lot of happy talk, and unanswered questions.

I have not been complaining about this roster since March 2020 and ignoring teams built for covid cups tournaments who are too old/slow for 82 game seasons because I needed tying practice. It's been four bad years now, and if AHL journeyman Fasching is your answer NYI are not making playoffs.

It goes on Lamoriello who absolutely improved the defense, making it younger, faster and found a star in Dobson, but did just as poorly on offense because no one will go to the failed Belmont experiment in UFA in the middle of nowhere, and he overpaid badly for middling or declining players who can't score big goals. I fully defend Lee, Nelson, Pulock, Pelech team friendly signings. Pageau, Palmieri, Cizikas were mistakes that can sink a franchise for a generation as the above vets hit thirty plus. Snow signed Bailey.

Billy Smith hated losing, no one hates losing on this team they all cash their checks, talk about family/being tight knit, and the same overpaid vets like Palmieri, Cizikas, Pageau with the 4th line, Johnston, Parise don't do anything in a close game. Bailey is on Snow's contract. The 45 games that decide a season most nights they don't take game when it's on the line. Even worst teams win thirty games, far too much aw shucks as millionaires go home, Lambert shows no anger, and team does not win. They regressed in skills competitions since 2019-20, it had nothing to do with Frans Nielsen's departure at the end of 2015-16.

They just went out to the mild west and besides Vancouver crumbling because they are awful, played teams that mailed it in, and still dominated NY because they can't score & everyone knows it. Dallas was best of mediocre west and hardly showed up, and seemed very happy just to get to a skills competition. Lambert is talking about fast starts for his team when they went behind 1-0? Go drive Dallas back into their room with three early goals, that's a fast start.

Seven goals in five games, it's falling apart fast.

Someone better start getting very mad in that room about not winning, last season was no fluke, it was year three of a decline that puts teams on the outside of the playoffs every year for a generation. You think Chicago, Wings lost all these years on purpose, they failed to improve, same as Lamoriello's Devils have seen one playoff spot since 2012, and lost in five.