New York Acquires Horvat for Beauvillier, Raty, Conditional 1st....

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/30/2023 06:28:00 PM |

So they acquire a center and don't give one up when they had two with long term deals, and Horvat is a pending UFA, and this draft is loaded which is what NYI need, plus Raty was one of their best prospects, and a center. Horvat better re-sign for openers, and Lamoriello better not be done because this is an all-in move. Will miss Beauviller, but he's struggled for a long, long time. Hopefully a contract was agreed to already.

Top 12 protected 2023 1st Round Pick (moves to 2024 if it is Top 12).

Lamoriello comments:
"I dispute this is a trade about just this year. Our intention is to retain him (Bo Horvat)."
Canucks retain 25 percent of Horvat's salary..