Matthew Maggio ATO/Not ELC

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/10/2023 05:55:00 PM |

He needs an ELC with this prospct pool badly which includes signed Dufour already, an ATO let's him play for Bridgeport only on a tryout.

Wahlstrom, Holmstrom, Dufour, Maggio, Iskhakov, Durandeau, are the forward prospects in the organization, are what they have to work with. Lamoriello's thinking to call them up as late as possible sounds nice but a 22 year old hits Bridgeport out of college, they may not get here until 24-25 with UFA at 27-28, so not a long time to decide.

Prospect site has the updated list. With the pandemic it's hard to know what the new signing deadlines are with some missing a year of hockey or more. The past rules are listed. It's hard to know what the pandemic has done to the signing rules for European draft picks. I would expect a lot of problems with Russian prospects.