New York Returns to the City For Game Six Friday.

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/26/2023 01:56:00 AM |

Anyone who read my twitter knew I fully expected a win here in game five. I wanted a statement win against a Carolina team with injuries that limped down the stretch with a very beatable goalie. I did not get a statement. Sorokin stole another game, the usual veterans (not Barzal) produced one goal, and Nelson had a nice bat-in goal off Aho's face. They got a review but took only twenty shots, and many seemed very happy to call it a season here. So I'm not happy, it's not the kind of win where Carolina should be leading 3-2 but know they have a problem, and this New York team is waking up. I did not see that or the desperation or the scoring from so many overdue veterans. Ok, they get a two day break (has Buffalo caught up yet) and another neutral site game on Friday. I don't think Sorokin can stop them all the way, and without some five goals games will not win this series.