New York Notables: What's Ahead

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/18/2023 05:05:00 AM |

Obviously a quiet time for a quiet team that likely will have major problems drawing fans with all honey moons now over, and it's just year three at a failed location. Lamoriello spoke, but did not say much, and he could have re-signed everyone already or no one. John Collins is not in the teams business directory yet, and if he goes away it will be quietly because that's how the NHL wants it.

As for hockey business my full intention is to write here during the NHL draft despite the few picks, and no 1st rounder. The prospect site as always is updated. Qualifying offers are due the Monday after the draft so we may see some drama about Bode Wilde, Jakub Skarek.

My plan flat out is trade what can be traded among #11-12-15-17-21-44-53-32. I like the defense with or without Mayfield. Bolduc, Salo, others can fight for the 6th spot, and where did Hutton go with his three year contract. Wotherspoon is an UFA but was sitting as a healthy scratch here.

Lamoriello said Wahlstrom will be back by camp. Holmstrom, Durandeau was good here but is an easy Parise replacment. Iskhakov, Dufour, and anyone who wins a spot should be here. Team defense is not about two players, but five. Dropping Chara-Greene, and giving Dobson-Aho-Romanov spots made the defense more mobile, now they need forwards who can skate/produce, win pucks in corners and reverse the aging trend of too many who don't win pucks in the corners, are outplayed by stars in big moments or score two goals or less in 12/13 games. They have to get Horvat/Barzal on board with one being a forward or maybe move one for a scoring winger with term before their new deals begin?

No Sorokin, no chance, he has to be re-signed. He's the biggest advantage this team has, and the only reason they were not 14th/15th the last two seasons, 31 teams would want him, and it's going to cost a ton, and he's going to want a winning team. If he can't be re-signed he has to be moved for a full rebuild because that means NY joins the club of teams that live outside the playoffs. Every year I write many teams are due to leave the no-playoffs club which the Devils finally did, others like Buffalo, Wings, and others are badly overdue to folllow.