New York Notables-Let's talk lineup/changes needed

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/25/2023 07:53:00 AM |

If Nelson has to be traded for a winger at 32 so be it. Despite all the talk I don't see Barzal or Horvat as wingers full time, and Barzal got hurt (twice) as a wing.

So cup favorite Carolina grabbed RD DeAngelo at 27 (a second time for 1.6 million) and our team gave Mayfield at 30, 3 million for 7 years, who's not an offensive defender.

No law getting younger wingers with less term for Pageau, Palmieri, Cizikas and Nelson at 32 who can move Barzal/Horvat where they need to play at center, and give them scoring wingers. You have to play Durandeau/Iskhakov here and let Holmstrom battle it out with Dufour and give Maggio some games here. That 4th line needs to go, you replace Johnston with Martin for a year, move Cizikas as fast as possible, and if necessary trade or retire Clutterbuck, this team needs speed, scoring from it's bottom lines, and they made the commitment on Engvall/Fasching, and this organization badly needs to stock up on draft picks.