New York Job Openings? No

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/22/2023 07:08:00 AM |

The failed Belmont experiment cannot have enough job fairs, as few stay beyond the seasonal short-term hirings.

On the ice about 50+ odd players showed up for camp, on paper short of waivers almost all the spots are taken already. Engvall, and Fasching have their NHL contracts. Short of a trade/injuries, or a Ross Johnston/someone else going on waivers, expect the following:

13-14-26 (Barzal w/two injuries on wing)



17-53-15/32/10 (Holmstrom)


We can write all the names out of the 50+ players like Durandeau/Iskhakov, Dufour, Maggio, Gauthier but untimately to add/you must subtract while Parise seems to have a spot ready for him if he wants it.