New York 5-2-2 with flawed team

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/03/2023 08:09:00 AM |

I'll take the record but feels like a reverse 2017-18 when Weight was winning every game 6-5, 5-4, and it was asked what happens when the scoring dries out and they fell from eight over back to five hundred, and allowed 40-50 shots every game with a coaching staff that had no experience as all I read was shut up, it would solve itself.

You want me to wave pom poms about no goals Pageau, Palmieri? Can't. Nice 4th line chipping in but we know their resume before the 20-30 game slumps start, and teams wear them down, as Fasching finally played. Engvall can't produce with a seven year deal, Barzal looks miserable who's not a winger. (either side)

Yes, I know you want happy talk, and have me ignore Lee's struggle because he started with Pageau, who's beat in all three zone's to pucks for five million, and a coach very guarded about his words with no emotion.

3-0 win against Caps on a 4-0 win streak? I'll take it but 21 shots against their awful goalie who like 1-0 game last year let up two terrible goals.

If they can win every game or finish 20 over and qualify for a playoff spot with this strategy, I'll take it but like Weight's 2017-18 team which actually won in overtime you can run from the problems, but not hide.