No Changes/No Progress

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/24/2023 05:59:00 AM |

Folks can say they finally won a shootout against a bad Calgary team, they broke the impressive Flyers streak, but reality is a change was/is needed. You don't want to change the voice (even though the coach knew day one he had a slow team of declining veterans) ok, but where do you go besides keep rolling out the same group that on it's best games scores in the first, then hangs on or the other team tilts the ice, and takes the game from them?
The Flyers dominated the second half of the game, a 14-4 shot against third period, nothing easy against any team, and Nelson scored (one from a Pelech long shot) twice, while Lee looked shocked his stuff deflected in a weak Carter Hart moment, as Philadelphia will be back on Saturday for round II.

Is this the formula to beat good teams (they did last season while losing to weaker teams) but this year many teams are improved while this groups (even with Horvat) looks a step older, and it's defense is not giving Sorokin any chance.

We know the script by now, if they fall behind, it's over. If they get the lead the other team scores, and the ice tilts as we see 102/95 shot attempts against. Too many passengers, and that includes Engvall who got big years/money added to the problem of Palmieri, Pageau, Cizikas, Martin, Clutterbuck, Fasching plus the problem of Barzal is no winger, and Wahlstrom/Holmstrom have to show consistent offensive progression. Gauthier has played a game?

Positives? Not the standings, they need a five game win streak fast, and this team has had a soft schedule so far, it's going to get tougher, and we are just not seeing much from the defense besides Dobson's offense, and Romanov, Pelech looking hurt as they get beat often with Aho, who's only been better then Bolduc. About the only positive I can throw out is everyone's due to hit their career norms, and many of the current roster is well behind them.