Reality Check...........Happy Holidays

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/24/2023 11:10:00 AM |

If the norm was winning this way, I would be happy, but again this is about getting in the playoffs, then winning the Stanley Cup. We don't live in an NHL where 16/21 teams qualiy anymore, and a sub 500. Vancouer team can play NYI in finals. I fully admit there has been a goaltending drop around the NHL where teams are loaded with mediocre options, it was surprising the Canes new goalie was playing very well, and was terrible against NYI, but our teams has run into a lot of that which has helped the scoring. And let's give Horvat his due who looks like a 1st line player now, with others starting to produce, while Ping Pong Pageau gives them nothing, neither does Engvall, while Palmieri usually needs a shot from inside a foot from the goal to finish. Nothing's getting easier, in fact, when they do slump the same people ignoring it now will go back to fire Lane/Lamoriello mode.

For now we'll see, Sorokin can't keep facing forty shots, the penalty kill must improve, and the scoring they are getting must continue, and Noah Dobson should be leading all Norris consideration.

Happy Holiday's