Lamoriello/Roy Conference Call.........

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/20/2024 05:25:00 PM |

I would expect Roy was offered/accepted the job days ago, which would explain Lamoriello not even going on the road trip.

Lou Lamoriello: "That fine line was crossed. This was the time to do this. Lou Lamoriello says he felt inconsistency was not going to end without a change" Lamoriello says rest of Isles coaching staff will remain. "Status quo." Lamoriello on Roy: "What he has done recently (in juniors) ... has always been behind my mind. When the opportunity was there after a conversation, I thought he was the right person." Lamoriello: "Patrick was the only person I was interested in." Lamoriello: "Patrick can flat-out coach." Lamoriello: "I'm very happy with the roster at this point. Will that change? Like anything else, you never know. ... We're always gonna try and get better."

Patrick Roy: "I've watched a few games, example against Toronto, and I was very impressed." Likes veteran players and depth. "One thing very important to me is the family culture. I felt these guys were sticking together." Cites Mayfield going to defense of Barzal. Patrick Roy: "Zero interest in management. And that's first thing I told Lou."