Problems Catch Up With New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/20/2024 09:33:00 AM |

Writing the same things all the time is very boring. Frankly what was expected has caught up with this team. Age, which means too slow, poor defending, transition, penalty killing, and when other teams up their game, New York, can not even stay with an awful Chicago team, that had to travel to Buffalo on no notice, mailed in a 3-0 loss, and still came at two-day rested New York Islanders with several odd-man chances, and opened a 3-1 lead.

Sorokin has started 13 games in a row, they don't trust their backup. He's faced the most shots in the league, and looks burned out completely to the point he's going to get hurt. Pelech, Mayfield look hurt. The 25+ minute games seem to have caught up with Dobson/Romanov, and we know Pageau, Engvall, Cizikas, Martin, Clutterbuck, Palmieri can't produce much of anything, as Gauthier/Walhstrom barely play and the cast around Fasching does not help.

I have written these things before, you know where I stood since summer 2021, now you see why I was very outspoken/unhappy about the teams future. Now we see if the ownership holds the general manager responcible with his head coach, who frankly does not have what he needs as we see Lee is fading, and Nelson is not getting any younger. It's not good, and why when teams join the non-playoff club they stay for a long time, and Lamoriello signed a lot of players who don't skate well or produce for a long time.