New York In A Dead Building Forces Game 5

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/27/2024 06:19:00 PM |

Carolina has not impressed me in one game so far, for all their speed/skill New York should have won the first game, Carolina found themselves with the goalie pulled trailing in game two, and barely worked up a few shots as they hung on in game three. Nothing close to the team down the stretch. Andersen has been very good or very bad. Today Carolina looked all set to mail it in, and still had the lead & gave it back before of course the NYI gave it back. Horrible officiating, missed icings, calls were happening everywhere. Varlamov held them in great, and they finally got a bounce off a Dobson shot, and Lee was taking the faceoff when the ping pong player dribbled one past Carolina for a lead. Overtime Carolina got 17 shots in first one, should have won off Nelson turnover, but got to second overtime. Freak Bortuzzo shot into pile hit Barzal and we have a game five with a two day break.