Projecting out the season III: No Dobson?

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/12/2024 04:49:00 AM |

High marks to New York, they played a bad team that was 2-0 against them, they came here rested off nine goals, and still NYI allowed only 14 shots. I'm not Pageau fan (as everyone knows) but he took on Gallagher and threw some fists. Laura Ingalls Engvall gave them something. Still they were trailing in the third, and found some luck, this time without Dobson, who is about 30 percent of the teams offense off his shots. Cizikas of all people got a gift wrap around and somehow Palmieri's overtime all or nothing shift resulted in an odd angle winner.

Let them make me look bad, don't care. I write based on what I see, and not wrong. Most years they would be long gone from a playoff spot. As usual the powerplay was lost in a game they had a 4-0 edge, and must produce with it. No answers if no Dobson unless Pulock gives them something.

Now they go play a team that frankly dominated 2/3's of the last game without Dobson, with an early start, plus for all of Sorokin's talent, he's faced so many shots all season it's hurt him, he could steal one on Saturday, but it's not likely unless more players find up, and step up. The goals can't be Engvall/Cizikas/Riley. Yes, Nelson hit a post, Barzal came close, Horvat came close. The ping pong player for his five million has to give them the garbage goals Palmieri has. Either that or no playoffs/very fast playoff exit.