New York Notables/NHL Draft 6-28/29-G Hogberg signed

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/05/2024 06:48:00 AM |

Not much else to write for a while, expect another bad summer for the teams business which likely will be in hiding, as no one wants to go to the failed Belmont experiment, as the retail village will be hidden until it opens in September, and Belmont racetrack's grandstand will be gone likely by July. I expect some shots from Dolan's media now that our team got Dolan/Oakview an arena and we are a lame duck who served it's purpose in an area not built for an arena. Dolan got Msg II on the Queens border to replace Barclay's as our real home, he gave us some money for a few years to be their tenant. Oakview has no money of it's own. 86.25 million is the buyout money for NYI to relocate anywhere at any time.

New York will not have a third round pick, or a seventh in the draft. Beyond that the prospect site is working for 2024-25. I expect no changes besides Martin/Clutterbuck, and likely one of Aho/Bortuzzo/Reilly. My guess is Martin/Clutterbuck suffer the same fate as Josh Bailey, they likely will not be signed by any team.

I expect to be taking a break until the draft on 6/28/24.