Berard saga ends, signs with Islanders

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Islanders website: Finally announced the Berard saga is over agreeing to a one year contract.

"I came to camp determined to prove to the Islanders I belonged in the NHL and I’m very appreciative of Garth Snow and Ted Nolan for giving me the chance," said Berard. "The guys have already shown this season what kind of character this team has and how strong a team we are. My goal is to do everything I can to make us better.”

Newsday: Greg Logan reports Berard's contract is for 725k.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Sure glad this saga is over because I was tired of blogging about it.

A lot of credit to Berard and agent Tom Laidlaw here. I don't know if he had offers the last few weeks from other teams and we have no idea what the Islanders promised behind the scenes in terms of how he would be played, but he kept quiet past the start of the season and let the situtation play itself out and was at practice without a contract several times.

As I wrote before seems Snow was stubborn and wanted to get something for Meyer or wanted to do something he could not make happen. I kind of like that he was stubborn and did not want to give up a player but having Berard quarterback the powerplay in practice and then not have him on the ice for three games made no sense and may have cost them against Washington.

Now we see who sits for Berard to play which also will be interesting.


  1. So, any predictions on how the Berard thing may play out?

    725 seems like a decent price tag if he can help solidify the PP. Maybe he can mentor Campoli on how to be a more effective PP QB as well. I think it's important to have strong vets to help mentor young players on aspects of their game.

  2. Hi Jkp,

    Not sure how things plays out in the immediate future, My guess is Berard plays only if Islanders go to seven defenders which Nolan seemingly hates doing. Tambelli, Bootland even Bergenheim could sit for this.

    Down the road someone will play their way onto the bench or someone will get hurt on the backline given the resume's on the defense.

    Thing about Berard mentoring is he's barely plays the last few years and really had never won a thing. So far he's been a standup player but he starts missing time himself it will be tough for him to do anything but get himself ready.

    At that price you take a chance for a year and hope Berard can play some defense when needed.

  3. Seemed to work out OK tonight at least. :)

    Game winner on the PP.

  4. Jkp,

    It did work out for this game because both their shots were the difference. I bet we are well ahead of last year's pace for goals by the defense and that's being kind.

    Berard, Sutton and Bergeron cannot be hidden on the backline and they have to settle in on defense.

    I really think what I'm calling the second training camp that I plan to blog about soon is what will make or break this team.

    After Saturday three games the rest of the month. Lot's of time for Nolan and the coaches to work on things.


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