Islander News Articles 10/9:

Newsday: Greg Logan has the game recap where Poti and Kozlov praised the Islansders, Nolan and DiPietro were quoted about the loss with more speculation that Berard will be signed shortly.

Newsday: Logan also has an article with player reaction to Jason Blake having Lukemia.

NY Post: Dan Martin's game article centered around Mike Comrie's turnover that led to the game winning goal. Guerin and Comrie are quoted on the game as Berard's likely signing.

"When you expect a lot out of yourself and you're an important part of the team, there are going to be high highs and low lows," Comrie said.

"It can be heartbreaking when you lose and make a play like that, but you learn from it."

"You can shoot a lot and just fluff the goalie's pads all day," said Bill Guerin, who acknowledged that the Caps had more scoring chances.

Daily News: Brian Bohl showed up again, his article centered around Comrie's turnover, shot selection and thoughts from Nolan, DiPietro.

"Offensive guys like to make great offensive plays," coach Ted Nolan said. "Mike knows maybe he should have went up the boards with it. If he has one turnover a game and creates six on the other end, we'll take that any day."

"It's not always the shots, sometimes it's the chances that they get," said DiPietro, whose team held a 31-12 edge in shots.

"We just have to take better shots," captain Bill Guerin said. "I think we're shooting to shoot. Especially with bad ice, you have to keep things simple: get to the net."

Washington Post: Required registration for access to their game coverage.

Washington Times: Corey Masisak has the Caps Centric coverage of the game.

NHLPA Had a feature on Islanders goaltending coach Mike Dunham.

Toronto Sun: Mike Zeisberger, did an article on former coach Peter Laviolette's support for Jason Blake.

Edmonton Journal: Cam Tait, had another updated on prospect Robin Figren who again had a good game according to Oil King's management.


  1. Just to let you know, Brian Bohl is a writer who covers the Islanders for NY Sports Day. My guess is he has been hired either full time or on a free-lance basis to cover the Isles for The Daily News. I don't if this is the Daily News doing the right thing for once or just stringing us along while the going is good. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

  2. Hi Adam,

    Until Sports Editor Leon Carver at the Daily News allows not only full time home and road coverage and pays for a full time blogger like they pay John Dellapina they have not done the right thing.

    Cannot cost that much for the Daily News to link to a blog from an Islander fans.

    Brian Bohl, Peter Botte? Perfer Botte because he's a very good writer but the News did not even send him out to cover signings this summer. With the Yankee season over that may change Wednesday but I'm guessing Dellapina does one article for both clubs to save money.


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