New York 2, New Jersey 1

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Islanders Website: Has the recap of tonight's 2-1 win against the New Jersey Devils.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
This live blogging is fun and a lot of work.

Even though I have done this a lot of times on Islander-Sound Tigers or the boards at HF as moderator over the years it makes me respect the job the other bloggers who do it in person at a live event. I'm doing this with no pressure and found myself falling behind a few times. I'm rooting for the bloggers to break through and find themselves covering this team for a newspaper someday if that's what they wish to aspire to.

I hope everyone enjoyed tonight's live blog and thanks for reading.

A special recognition and thanks to my former co-moderator and HF writer Tom Liodice who I discovered today was on a radio program that does a very good job I have been casually following for a short time called Hockey Night on Long Island Saturday afternoon. I gave the program a quick call and thanked Tom who has an outstanding blog called The Tiger Track and talked hockey for a minute or two. Tom does an excellent job covering not only the Islanders but has been covering the Sound Tigers back to last season on a few websites and in print. His blog's content is outstanding and a must read for Islander fans.

As to the game:

This might be the first game in countless years the Islanders played a full game without being shorthanded. Howie Rose did not follow up on it but it says a lot about both teams, especially New Jersey.

Scary game with Guerin leaving, Comrie holding his shoulder, Fedotenko down after a play and Martinek leaving.

Hardly a classic for either team but the Islanders had the better pressure and Brodeur had to be very good in the second peirod. The Devils looked terrible after watching how they beat the Flyers 4-1 and my guess is Brent Sutter will be furious with the player (turned out to be an assistant coach) who took the misconduct because that decided the hockey game.

Solid team defense, Brodeur somehow let the cross-ice pass from Hunter get through to Satan for the winner, but Satan-Vasicek had good jump for two periods with Park and it looked like a mistake to take Park off that line for most of the third which former Islander coach Butch Goring asked on the post-game.

Campoli set up both plays that led to the goals, first jumping in off the point for a shot to Brodeur's far side, the other the pass down low to Hunter.

Defense did it's job and Sutton, Bergeron again looked sharp. DiPietro did not have to be fantastic. Interesting how cool he was in the final seconds stopping and holding two outside chances. No doubt Witt and or/DiPietro will get abuse for knocking in the only goal.

Vasicek almost has matched his season's goal total from a year ago. Sillinger and Hilbert just cannot get un-tracked offensively but are doing the job on defense and of course Sillinger value on faceoff's cannot be replaced.

Scary how tough they made it on themselves by missing those open nets. Richard Park needs a goalie to shoot against.

Again no classic, but Islanders move to 9-4 with a very balanced offense overall as the homestand ends and so does all the time off between games. We see what a Guerin or Comrie injury means and who returns.

Jackman and Walter looked very good when they got on the ice for a second straight game.


  1. I am not sure who mentioned it on the telecast, I think it was Jaffe, but they did. The last game without penalties was in 2002 also vs. the Devils.

    Definitely a tense last minute. I think Satan had a shot at the EN, but passed to Park. I think he said in an interview he wanted to give Park a chance for his first goal. If that is true, it;s a nice gesture, but winning needs to be first and foremost.

  2. Hi Adam,

    I think Howie brought it up and I'm guessing but if it were 02-03 it was in that four game stretch in December the Islanders stopped that seven game losing streak (Chicago Snow game) and got seven of eight points.

    Park scored against the Caps in the Coliseum game. He looked great on that second line last night.

    Not sure why Nolan took him off that line at the end of the second peirod and moved him to right wing
    on the third line because it seemed
    like a matter of when before that line would score again. Goring even brought that up.

    That save on Park with the open net was the greatest diving block I have seen to prevent an open net goal in years but Satan was a little too generous and when the Isles did not finish they got caught and it almost oost them.

    Still it's a split second decision and Satan likely thought the pass to Park would give him a clear path to the net for a tap in goal.

  3. Islanders website had the following:

    Last night, the Islanders did not take a single penalty against the New Jersey Devils. It was the first time that has happened since January 29, 2002 versus the Devils.

  4. Nice work on the live blogging.


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